Vitreous Enamel Painted Work

As noted on the About the Artist page, Kelly is best known as a painter of glass.  There are very few artists who have mastered the art of painting on glass.  What makes Kelly quite unique, and rare in this field, is that, with few exceptions, she creates all the vessels she paints in the hot shop.

Vitreous enamel painted glass is an old world custom used extensively in Europe for centuries, most notably in stained glass windows. The process involves using “glass paint” (vitreous enamels) to decorate a piece of glass.

Kelly has painted many forms, but is best known for her trees, painted animals (especially owls) and impressionist style scenes.  Many of her pieces have been reversed painted keeping the smooth glass exterior intact.  Her awards have involved her painted glass.

Overview of the Process

The paint is applied with a variety of modified brushes to reach inside the glass.  Reversed painted glass is painted inside and is done “backwards”, that is the final surface is painted first and then the successive background layers are added.  The enamel paint then dries and is like a fine powder.  With the enamel paint in place, the piece is placed inside a kiln and brought up to over 1000 degrees.  This temperature is hot enough to melt the enamel and cool enough not to disturb the form of the glass.  The kiln firing cycle lasts approximately 14 hours.  The vitreous enamels fuse with the original form and become “one” with the glass.

Samples of completed works