About the Artist

Kelly Sheehan is an award winning glass artist from Toledo, Ohio, the birthplace of studio glass.  A lifelong artist, she has studied under some or the greatest glass artists in the world.  She has taken these learned skills and made them unique infusing her own sense of color, style, design and technique.  It starts with the furnace and ends with the collector; with a lot of fun in between.

Kelly is the owner of Kellfire Glass, the venue used deliver her work to the public. Her work spans traditional hot glass, kiln formed glass, murinni cane roll ups, jewelry and sculpted glass. For more detail see the About the Art.

She spent a number of years in elementary education as an art instructor while creating artwork in paint (oil and water color), pastels, charcoal as well as quilting, sculpture and print making.  She creates her art primarily in hot glass but also works in flat glass, including glass jewelry. Her specialty though, is painted glass.  She not only creates the form, but paints each piece with extraordinary uniqueness.

More information on Kelly visit her personal website:  www.kellysheehan.net

Kelly is on the teaching staff at the Toledo Museum of Art’s Glass Pavilion. She has been a member of the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) Docent program for many years and is a past president of the Docent Board. She is also a retired member of the Board of Directors of the TMA, retired Director of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes in Toledo, and a former narrator for visiting and featured artists invited to the TMA Glass Pavilion.

Kelly continues to create glass art at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion and in her studio in suburban Toledo.



Bowling Green State University, Toledo Museum of Art, Pilchuck School of Glass, Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Seattle Glassblowing Studio